I love my Lesbian Friend Lizzy

During the day when I work for charlotte London escorts, I am Lisa, but when I go home, I turn myself into Lesbian Lizzy. Let me tell you that Lesbian Lizzy is a rather exciting girl do spend time with. First of all, she loves to be in charge, and cracking the whip, comes rather naturally to her. Do the girls at London escorts know about Lesbian Lizzy? Not all of the girls do.

I have thought about letting some of my dates at London escorts meet Lesbian Lizzy, but I am not sure they are going to like her. Until I am a fully fetched dominatrix queen, I think that Lesbian Lizzy had better stay safely tucked away in her dungeon in China Town. However, once Lizzy is ready to play, she will come out and tell the world about it, not only the fine gents she dates at London escorts. With a bit of luck, there will be plenty of gents, and couples, in need of the fine things which Lesbian Lizzy has to offer. A night with her, will be a complete experience and something very unique here in London. Just let her know what sins you would like to atone for, and she will take care of it…

Is Lesbian Lizzy the sort of girl you would like to meet? Not only is Lesbian Lizzy fascinated by all things bondage. There is a lot more to this girl. She loves her girlfriends, and would love to run her own charlotte London escorts couples duo services. Of course, Lesbian Lizzy would like to do that in a slightly different way. You see, she is one of those girls who thinks that must duo dating services from London escorts are a bit tame.

Lesbian Lizzy is not a tame girl at all. Once she slips into that PVC cat suit, and put her boots on, she is ready to punish those who come in her ways. So, if you have been a really naughty boy recently, you want to make sure you check out what is going at London escorts. You never know when Lesbian Lizzy is going to make her debut with London escorts. It could be this weekend or in a year’s time. But once, she has opened the doors to her dungeons… you will be all in her hands.

I have always known that I have two sides to my personality. Sure, I am gentle enough during the day, but when night comes, I do like to draw a little bit of a hard line, and just let them have it as I say. So far, I have been having a great time practising, and once I am ready, I am certain there is going to be a long line to my charlotte London escorts dungeon door. If you would like to try the finest things that bondage and BDSM has to offer, Lesbian Lizzy will be your girl. I hope that I see you soon…


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