Masturbation Tips For Women

Learning how to masturbate is great because it not only helps you to know your own body, but also know the type of physical touch that allows you pleasure. In fact, you know yourself better than anyone else and hence you can orgasm by touching your erogenous zones. However, if you need masturbation tips we’ve gathered a few below for your pleasure. The tips include:

Prepare yourself

To prepare yourself and get in the mood, make sure you have privacy to avoid interruptions after you’ve started. This means doing it in your bedroom or when no one is around the house or your room. In addition, you can turn your phone into a silent mode to avoid interrupting your mind.

After everything is set, you can get into the mood by reading a porn magazine, using your imagination or even watching porn to get aroused. This prepares your mind for having sex before you even start touching yourself. Before you start masturbating, you can turn your stereo on to minimize chances of anyone hearing your sounds or moans.

Using your fingers

This is the most common form of masturbation in women. To start off, you sit or lie down with your legs apart and start using your fingers to slowly caress and stimulate your clitoris as well as the areas around it. For maximal pleasure, be gentle and start exploring your vulva and then your clitoris using the index finger. If you are particularly sensitive, you can stimulate your clit from top to bottom while still making circular movements slowly. After you’ve got a rhythm that gives you the best sensation, you should maintain it until you reach orgasm.

If you are going to use your fingers, the nails should be well trimmed to avoid hurting yourself during stimulation. Also, your hands should be thoroughly clean to avoid getting infections.

Using a sex object

Alternatively, you can use a sex object for vagina penetration, stimulate your clitoris or even both. Even though most women prefer using their index finger for clitoral stimulation, you can use other objects e.g. a dildo, a vibrator or any other sex toy. You can have several with you ready for use because they are available in different shapes and sizes.

If you use an object, using a lubricant is recommended to facilitate penetration. Also, you can start with slow movements and accelerate with caution as you progress. Just like in using a hand, finding the right rhythm is the key to getting pleasure when masturbating.

Explore your body

Since your vagina is not the only erogenous zone in your body, you should not only focus on penetration and clitoral stimulation! There are other sensitive parts of your body e.g. the nipples, anus, etc., and you should not limit yourself. You can have multiple orgasms by stimulating your clitoris while still having a dildo or a vibrator in your anal opening. Some women prefer anal sex over vaginal sex.

If you want to stimulate your anus and your vagina, it is recommended that you use different sex objects in your vaginal and anal openings to avoid getting bacterial infections. Also, if you are using your fingers, make sure that you use different fingers to avoid transferring bacteria from your anus to your vagina.

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